130 Million Muslims Support Al Qaeda – Houston, We Have a Problem!

On December 2, 2010, the Pew Research Center launched the consequences of a brand new poll of six Muslim nations that sheds mild on the variety of pemakaman muslim worldwide that aid al Qaeda. The six international locations polled have been: Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey)

The file exhibits that most people of the worlds 1.3 billion Muslims do no longer aid al Qaeda and do now not consider that suicide bombings are ever justified in defense of Islam. According to the ballot :

• “Osama bin Laden – receives overwhelmingly poor ratings in nearly all international locations where the query changed into asked.”

This coincides with an al Qaeda video that became distributed on October 23, 2010, wherein the corporation’s spokesman Adam Gadahn declared al Qaeda’s terrible view of most of the people of Muslims by declaring that a part of the international Muslim network is made-up of outright apostates (people who’ve turned away from their faith), any other a part of Muslims have given-in to lustful and worldly impacts, and a third, but possibly the biggest part of Muslims, have given up their capacity to think for themselves and so have allowed non-Jihadi clerics to turn them against the worldwide Jihad. To see the Intrepid Group video in this topic, click right here.

While it is right news that the majority of the world’s Muslim populace repudiates Osama bin Laden and his organisation, and vice versa, we can’t take an excessive amount of consolation on this truth because the poll also presents the odds of the oldsters in each of the six international locations that guide al Qaeda, and, in actual numbers, the whole is extraordinary.

While the largest percentages of the Muslims in every of the countries polled are in opposition to al Qaeda, the odds of Muslims that help it are very traumatic: 34 percentage of Jordanians, 49 percentage of Nigerian Muslims, three percentage of Lebanese, 20 percentage of Egyptians, 23 percentage of Indonesians, 18 percentage of Pakistanis,, and 4 percent of Turks.

When converted from chances to real numbers of humans and brought all collectively, there are a whopping 129,942,000 Muslims that guide al Qaeda. That’s proper, almost one hundred thirty million Muslims guide this terrorist corporation, and that is best from the six nations the Pew pollsters visited.

But, this isn’t the stop of the story. As the Pew agency admits, this ballot is incomplete because, for protection motives, pollsters couldn’t behavior their research within the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan, which is in which al Qaeda and the Taliban rule. Undoubtedly, if the citizens of the FATA were polled, the number of its supporters in Pakistan might upward thrust extensively.

One can simplest believe how excessive this range might upward thrust if Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia were polled, and this will nevertheless constitute best a partial tally of all Muslims, and might now not even start to contact on Muslims residing out of doors of Muslim nations, like the ones inside the U.S. Where the 2007 Pew Poll on American Muslims found out that seventy five,000 American Muslims supported al Qaeda and one hundred twenty,000 American Muslims believed that bombings in opposition to civilians within the defense of Islam are justified.

The reality of the problem is that al Qaeda supporters worldwide range in the loads of tens of millions, and because of their help, it can proportion and/or manage widespread portions of territory in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sudan, Northern Africa, and Yemen. As the December 2010 Wikileaks hemorrhage of Department of State cables has discovered, no kingdom has been capable of stem the tide of financial guide to bin Laden, specifically from wealthy donors in the Gulf place, al Qaeda attacks are increasing against the hometown, and it has launched a new and vigorous media marketing campaign to turn American Muslims into lone wolf attackers.

It is unlikely that the global Jihad and the direct threat to the U.S. Will quit any time soon.

Houston, we’ve got a problem!

Mr. Fairchild, Director of Intrepid Group’s Intelligence Operations, changed into a profession Operations Officer inside the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Operations (Clandestine Service) with two decades of clandestine experience. During his profession, he served below authentic and non-legit cover and performed operations in Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. On May 20, 1998, he turned into invited to testify as a Subject Matter Expert earlier than a Congressional listening to on counter terrorism.

Most lately, Mr. Fairchild evolved a non-public courting with Sheikh Saud bin Saqr al Qasimi, Crown Prince of Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. From February to October 2009, Mr. Fairchild resided inside the Ruler’s Local Guard Group army base in Ras al Khaimah, wherein he labored carefully and at once with the Group’s Bedu officers and men and Shiekh Saud to create a total immersion Muslim/Arab cultural course designed to train Americans.

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