Bluetooth, AirPlay and Play-Fi Audio Streaming

One of the contemporary trends in home theater is streaming audio to your property theater receiver out of your iOS or Android tool. You can try this thru an app and a Wi-Fi connection (AirPlay or Play-Fi), or through Bluetooth. But it is no longer that simple; there are a myriad of methods to get your audio out of your smartphone or pill in your audio system. I’ll try to go over the principle approaches that is completed here, but in the long run you need to recognize your desires and the pros and cons of each method.

Wi-Fi Audio Streaming
There are more than one methods with a view to use your wi-fi home community to stream audio. You can opt for certainly one of numerous proprietary formats or you could genuinely join your laptop or PC to a network and use DLNA services to drag audio from your library. When we talk approximately Wi-Fi streaming, but, we are commonly relating to the proprietary formats. There are many, however right here are a few of the leaders:

Apple AirPlay
Apple AirPlay is a Wi-Fi streaming protocol that helps you to without problems redirect track from your iOS device to a well suited surround receiver or powered speaker. The component approximately AirPlay that makes it attractive is that, as a wireless era, AirPlay operates on pinnacle of your private home’s existing wi-fi community. You simply connect your device to your home community, and when you prompt AirPlay your iOS device will let you send your tune or video to any well matched tool at the community. If you occur to have a couple of Airplay devices in your property, you may movement to individually or suddenly.

Play-Fi, that’s owned by way of DTS, is a brand new streaming media layout that works on well suited gadgets and caters mainly to the Android-powered device market. Like AirPlay, and in contrast to proprietary structures like sonos, Play-Fi connects gadgets over your present WiFi network. The most effective present issue with Play-Fi is that, being a new era, there are only some devices presently assisting it. Play-Fi also hasn’t partnered with many streaming media carriers as of yet, so Pandora and Spotify are the primary music providers for well suited programs. Conversely, AirPlay works inside nearly all of the principal streaming media provider apps, giving you close to-infinite assets of song.

With present day Play-Fi technology, record guide is confined to 16-bit 44.1kHz (CD) satisfactory for now, but hi-res audio assist at up to 24-bit resolution is at the way.

Proprietary Mesh Networks
There are a number of proprietary mesh networks that experience atop your present WiFi community to attach devices. One of the maximum famous is Sonos, which has a ramification of speakers and powered or unpowered get right of entry to points that can be networked within a domestic to play tune. They actually have a soundbar and the ability (with their today’s update) to repurpose existing Sonos audio system to be used as surround channels.

Proprietary mesh networks almost universally include each limitations and fee. They are restrained to a unmarried producer and so your product selection is probable to grow very slowly. Proprietary structures also are usually very steeply-priced because they’re designed to be an surroundings into themselves, with special manipulate software and particular functions unavailable on other structures. The Denon HEOS audio system are much like this sort of gadget except that, unlike Sonos, they ride atop your existing WiFi network.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Bluetooth wi-fi era is a trendy designed for brief distances (it uses the a band from 2.40-2.48 GHz) up to 30 toes.

You may assume Bluetooth audio streaming is a single “designation”. It’s now not. There are a spread of versions and profiles, however we are able to assist solve the most common profile used for audio streaming. The contemporary Bluetooth model is sort of continually the nice, requiring the least amount of setup, supplying you with extra flexibility and imparting the very best audio best.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
You’ll see the A2DP designation a lot when you have a look at Bluetooth speakers and gadgets for streaming audio. A2DP really refers to Bluetooth designed for one-manner transfer of stereo audio. What sincerely subjects for user interaction, setup and functions is the model. There have been seven, however the contemporary is V.Four.

Bluetooth V.Four is likewise referred to as “Bluetooth Smart” and has been out due to the fact that 2010. It contains wellknown Bluetooth as well as the WiFi-based Bluetooth excessive pace and Bluetooth low electricity protocols. There have been huge problems with Bluetooth that kept it from without a doubt being followed as a leading wireless audio trendy inside the beyond. For one, it was at first designed as a replacement for Ethernet and USB cables tethering gadgets together on a desktop. That method that lengthy variety connectivity became now not inherent in the layout. With a limit of 30 feet, Bluetooth audio is evidently confined in how it can feature in a whole-domestic situation. Another related difficulty turned into connectivity. Bluetooth lets in for a myriad of pairing methodologies, from passcode verification to close to-automated device pairing. It remains a crapshoot as to which system any particular device will use and the way clean or hard it will be to attach. In the past couple of years maximum newer Bluetooth gadgets have utilized better and extra convenient discovery methods.

Apt-X High Quality Bluetooth Audio
The 2d big trouble with Bluetooth is sound excellent. Bluetooth audio is a ways inferior in pleasant to lossless streaming over WiFi. To combat this, manufacturer-unique layers were introduced to allow capability no longer to be had via default in popular Bluetooth. Of these, Apt-X appears to be the pleasant, providing close to-lossless quality however nonetheless optimizing the movement to keep in mind bandwidth necessities of the format.

Apt-X has reputedly re-made Bluetooth right into a feasible streaming method, precise for portable devices and connected PCs.

Bluetooth vs. “the alternative” Streaming Formats
So getting back to our unique topic, the issue is which makes sense for streaming audio. If you are looking at audio satisfactory then lossless streaming of high resolution media streams is the manner to move. Apt-X Bluetooth suits in properly here, but it calls for a piece greater proximity on your host AV machine.

AirPlay additionally lets in for 44.1kHz lossless stereo streaming and may be a extraordinary means of sending and receiving streaming media over your current wireless community.

What you probably want to avoid, if pleasant is your goal, is preferred Bluetooth streaming. The stock Bluetooth may be very a great deal a lossy medium and there is a massive difference between that and a lossless record. The difference is greater than a bit substantive. Unfortunately, your different options are going to be a chunk extra proprietary, with AirPlay main the manner and Play-Fi just starting to get out of the dugout and searching hopeful. Of path, the proprietary streaming track structures are also an choice, but they’re commonly pricey and offer a confined range of hardware this is compatible with the network audio streaming device.

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