Emotional Honesty: What Is Emotional Honesty?

Emotions lonliness are part of being human and which means they play a important position in each of our lives. This can be to tell one among what is going on of their on the spot environment or to do with something this is being induced from their past for example.

However, no matter what their motives for performing are; they may be looking to talk some thing. And yet this form of conversation doesn’t constantly arise.

When this occurs they can be repressed and not noted. If they are repressed; this will cause all forms of issues. And if they’re no longer repressed, then they may be acted out; within the shape of reactive and unconscious behaviour.

Emotional Honesty

To be emotionally honest, approach to well known and admit to ones emotions. In order for one to try this, there has to be an emotional focus within the first area. Because with out an consciousness of them, it will handiest be possible for them to be acted out or acted in.

And there will be times whilst it’s far appropriate to express ones emotions and times whilst it isn’t appropriate. What is critical is that you could admit to oneself what feelings they’re experiencing.

The Observer

As one is the observer of their feelings and no longer the feelings themselves, it method that one has the ability to be aware about each emotion. And from right here, one has the selection of appearing on the emotion or whether or not to simply renowned the emotion.

When one does not have this capacity available; there will be the tendency to be at the whim of one’s emotions.


Each emotion that one has is impartial; it’s far neither proper or incorrect, or desirable or horrific. It simply is and what makes an emotion into either of these things, is the cost judgement that one labels them with.

The ego mind will categorise feelings in this way and this is due to the minds manner of seeing the whole thing in polarities. There isn’t any middle ground to the ego mind; there are only extremes.


From right here the ego mind can come to become aware of with sure feelings. And via this system every emotion will be classed as true or bad and proper or incorrect. Some feelings will be acceptable and others won’t be.

The emotions which are labelled as being acceptable will become being associated as what is safe. From right here one will start to determine what emotions they can specific and what feelings they can not.


If ones ego thoughts has come to companion an emotion as awful or risky, it’s miles probably that this emotion will then be repressed. As this takes place you can come to be turning into enslaved to this emotion; that is a natural result of an emotion building up.

Reactive behaviour will then occur and what ought to be approximately a two at the emotional reaction scale should grow to be being an eight or a nine for example.

Ones moods and emotional fitness may also be critically affected. Through the expression of sure feelings being denied, it will also imply that one’s entire emotional spectrum may be potentially numbed and restrained.


Although one can be caught up in the repression of positive emotions, one can also emerge as going the opposite way. And which means that they sense as even though they have no manage over their emotions. As a end result of this, one may also come to be continuously reacting and expressing sure feelings.

The Emotional Trap

To repress an emotion or to react to an emotion without recognition is to be enslaved to the emotion. The emotion needs to be heard and expressed from an area of cognizance.

The longer the emotion is repressed or acted on, the longer it’ll take manage. And one will have no preference aside from to constantly mislead no longer best others about what goes on, however also oneself.

Emotional Disconnection

For one to both repress or act on their emotions with out recognition, it indicates that one would not have a terrific connection or relationship with their emotions. And out of this emotional disharmony, all types of warfare and disorder are created.

This then leads to one not being able to be sincere about their emotions. For if they had been, those emotional problems wouldn’t exist inside the first area.

The Emotional Relationship

The courting that one has with their emotions is commonly created inside the beginning of 1’s life. It is all through this time that one’s ego thoughts will come to accomplice what feelings are secure to have and what are not.

How ones caregivers respond to ones feelings will move a protracted way in defining whether or not one is relaxed with their feelings or whether they feel uncomfortable by way of having them. And all ones caregivers can do, is bypass at the same expertise that they have with their feelings.

If they are alienated from their feelings, then they’ll maximum probable reason their baby to shape the equal courting with their feelings.

Early Experiences

This may additionally have resulted from the caregivers passing on the equal form of repression that they themselves had. And emotions that their ego thoughts had related as hazardous grow to be what one now sees as dangerous. The same could observe with feelings that have been displayed as safe and suitable.

And what could have been used to manipulate the Child’s emotional expression would have been the withdrawal of affection and therefore ones survival might have been at danger. This could have been through: rejection, abandonment, punishment or isolation.

Emotional Acceptance

One might find that the connection they have got with their emotions, is nothing greater than a mirrored image of the relationship that their caregivers had with their feelings. And out of being within the equal environment; one ended up seeing them in the equal way.

The very act of judging them as correct or terrible and repressing them, or getting stuck up in them; is in the end what causes the identification and attachment to them. And with this, one loses the ability to examine their feelings and to determine whether to act on them, explicit them to every other person or to in reality well known there presence.

Emotional Expression

As one involves specific their feelings, either to themselves or with the assist of a therapist or healer, one will begin to benefit a higher emotional information. And with this, ones feelings will start to settle and reduce in their depth. Through this process, repression and reactive behaviour will start to decrease.

And most significantly; one will be able to be honest to oneself approximately what’s really taking place at an emotional level.

My call is Oliver J R Cooper and I have been on a adventure of self focus for over 9 years and for many years prior to that I had a herbal interest.

For over years, I had been writing articles. These cowl psychology and conversation. This has additionally cause poetry.

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