More Reasons Why Youth Football Teams Should Never Run the High School System

More Stats for NOT Running the High School Offense in Youth Football:

Here are a few stats for you teens football coaches feeling the strain to run the neighborhood High School offense:

Let’s say you’ve got a crew length of 25 children. National studies from Michigan State University and the National Youth Sports Alliance say much less than 30% of your gamers will play High School football. So now, out of 25 youngsters you have got 7 gamers that in line with the studies pass on to play High School ball. Of those 7, now not all will play on the nearby Public High School, they may flow, play for a specific nearby High School, or they may play for a Private School, permit’s say you lose 1 player there. Of the 6 last, when they go through puberty a few will develop and others received’t. That skinny wingback that fills out to a slow 250 kilos is no longer a wingback in High School, children change. The massive hulking middle you’ve got would not gain a pound and finally ends up gambling fullback. At least 1/2 of your players will play a role exclusive than what they did in Youth Ball.

With the weight policies in place for most leagues that restrict huge players to the indoors line positions, your big players are generally not allowed to the touch the ball. So forget about approximately the huge gamers getting any education at receiver, tight stop or running again, positions they will thoroughly play in High School. In 2006 of my former Omaha players, offensive guards James D and Ronnie C both played fullback for Omaha North High varsity as rookies.Ronnie even ran for a TD in one large game. North has over 2500 students, made it to the country semi-finals, had two DI scholarship gamers and a parade all-american (Niles Paul) on their group. Neither of these former offensive guards ever were given to the touch the football for my teams, as both had been over the going for walks returned weight limits. Neither had played in the backfield or ran this colleges offense, but they did very well at their new positions in a trendy offense. I doubt Omaha Norths head instruct cared one iota that these children had by no means run his offense. He gets paid to instruct soccer and teach football players, not take a seat back and phone soccer plays from a tower with youngsters which might be already skilled for him with the aid of a bunch of kids coach volunteers.

So now we are at 3 kids of the 25 that might be playing High School ball and playing the very identical role on the High School group as they did at the Youth Football level. If you made a decision to make the selection for the High School offense for the advantage of simply 3 gamers on the expense of the 22 others for your group, it might now not advantage everywhere close to the majority of your gamers.

Add in the narrow probabilities that your eight yr old kids football participant may be playing High School ball 10 years down the road and that the High School will even have the equal head teach or be jogging the identical offense 10 years into the destiny. It seems darn right ridiculous to even recollect looking to run the equal device because the nearby High School, the odds are very lengthy it might assist even a tiny fraction of your teens football gamers.

The numbers simply don’t add up to choose to run an offense that in maximum cases will have little success to your team and ultimately will most possibly bring about fewer gamers determining to move on to play High School ball. Because as you’ll study in next posts, most kids football players quit gambling because of poor coaching, their groups are not competitive and that they aren’t having amusing, all are signs and symptoms of walking a system that doesn’t work on the Youth Level.

While the Single Wing Offense has demonstrated itself on the Youth Level all throughout the us of a, it’s also seeing a rebirth of types on the High School or even College stages. Last yr 3 Single Wing teams played for State High School Titles in Virginia on my own, with 2 groups triumphing, Giles and Osborne. Menominee High School a perennial Single Wing powerhouse in Michigan won its 2d State Title in 7 years and blew out the Defending State Champions in the most important elegance in Minnesota as well. Colton High in California finished inside the USA Today Top 20 strolling the Single Wing Offense. Those are only some teams I know of off the pinnacle of my head which can be having success going for walks the Single Wing in High School.

If you think Urban “The Mad Scientist” Meyers Florida group last year, you’ll have visible lots of Single Wing soccer, specially when they went into their “Tebow” formation. Other College groups going for walks masses of Single Wing included West Virginia, Arkansas and Utah to name only a few. My bet is we will see greater of it anywhere this coming season.

For the ones of you that get static for going for walks what you run:
There are many high faculties that run the Wing T, Flexbone, Wishbone, Straight T, Veer and Double Wing Offenses and sincerely no Colleges on the Division I stage or Pro teams run these offenses. Are the thousands of High Schools that run these offenses doing something wrong? How approximately De LaSalle and its one hundred seventy sport win streak going for walks the Veer or Bellevue Washingtons National Championship group walking the Wing T? Shouldn’t they be going for walks what the College and Pro teams are walking? No, they dont have the players had to run the ones Pro and College offenses and neither do you.

Don’t allow that vulnerable High School instruct sell you on the snake oil that the maximum vital football train in his application is the youth or Junior High train, what silliness. The most vital educate inside the High School machine is the High School Head Coach, simplest duty shirking weaklings could put it off on someone aside from themselves. This isn’t the language I pay attention on the clinics from the top High School coaches inside the nation, they rightfully suppose they may be the train that has the maximum to do with their teams success or failure. They wouldn’t dream of trying to blame a person else for their failure or success.

Did Lou Holtz blame poor High School coaches for his last South Carolina groups failure to reach a bowl UFA game? How about Bill Parcells, need to he be blaming the college coaches for his Dallas Cowboys no longer making the Super Bowl? It never occurred, it might be silly, but I listen it from a handfull of perrennial losing High School coaches from throughout the us of a on football training forums. Great coaches aren’t excuse makers, they take and educate obligation, it’s the right thing to do. Don’t teach your gamers by way of your excuse making instance to be excuse making canine ate the homework kids.

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