Teaching The Hunger Games

It’s a touch surprising, but coaching The Hunger Games has been one of the maximum worthwhile reports in my complete coaching profession. I have continually been keen on the classics – To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Of mice and Men – and I still am, however none of these great books gets students as excited as The Hunger Games. My college students fly thru the pages as though their lives depend on finishing the ebook as rapid as they are able to. I’ve never visible such enthusiasm for literature amongst younger teens. Their hobby inside the novel and its characters additionally continues them engaged in discussions and sports that delve deeper into the underlying social and political issues present in novel. Teaching The Hunger eclbet Games is specially amusing and profitable due to the high amusement issue, and the complex and crucial troubles it introduces.

The uncooked leisure of The Hunger Games is plain. Teens, and adults for that remember, speedy become engrossed within the dystopia of Panem, its oppressive Capitol, and its oppressed Districts. Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist, is a compelling man or woman who appeals to each boys and women. She is an professional hunter, and feeds her own family via illegally killing sport inside the woodland outside District 12. When her younger sister, Prim, is chosen to participate inside the Hunger Games, a brutal shape of fact tv wherein young adults from the twelve districts combat to the death to entertain the Capitol, Katniss volunteers to take her region. From this factor the movement takes to the air at a rapid tempo, as Katniss faces off against 23 different young adults in a great out of doors arena. One should scarcely conjure a more wonderful situation for young readers. This supreme degree of enjoyment makes coaching The Hunger Games a pleasure.

Having an exciting novel is wonderful – it makes coaching tons simpler as you do not should manufacture enthusiasm – however the deeper social and political troubles delivered in the novel are what really make teaching The Hunger Games so rewarding. The Games themselves are an annual reminder to the twelve districts of the cost of conflict. They are supposed to entertain the humans inside the Capitol, whilst displaying the humans within the districts that they’re powerless. The sadistic Games are a symbol of oppression, exploitation, and totalitarian rule. The Capitol relies on sources from the outlying districts. District 12, wherein Katniss lives, presents coal to the Capitol. In go back for the resources, the districts are given meager rations of grain, barely sufficient to continue to exist. To maintain this exploitative gadget, the Capitol rules with fear and violence, and crushes any act of resistance or rebellion. Unfortunately, there are many examples of oppressive regimes and exploitative systems within the international nowadays. The Hunger Games affords a notable opportunity to educate students approximately how totalitarian regimes rule with brutality and fear. Students can also look for examples of exploitation round the arena and in their very own lives. While teaching The Hunger Games, a teacher can lead students closer to a better understanding of the world they live in.

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