The Core of the Soul – The Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Soulful Love Part Two

Gifting & Receiving Absoulute Love

For some of the souls right here in this earth dimension, we’re able to present Absoulute Love what we perceive as effortlessly to different souls. Spirit says that there are moments wherein we understand we are gifting Absoulute Love however it is inside the shape of the cover of situations, or expectancies of the way we suppose other souls should be. This form of gifting is that of conditional love, whereby if the soul acts or is being inside how we suppose they ought to be within our belief, then we present that soul love. If they’re being some thing apart from what we deem in our notion that they are “alleged to” be, then we strive to offer the phantasm of “withholding” our love.

For the souls whom have remembered, embraced, and valuable this Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love, then this Absoulute Love is an steady flowing resonance that they select to BE in, a manner of BEing, a manner of LIFE. Receiving and giving are One within the co~creative forces of the Universe and of LIFE. It is from this sense of 6ratitude that we’re in Ah! Or Awe! With, for, and of LIFE when we are resonating in a resonance of Absoulute Love. When we are within this ambiance of Absoulute Love that it’s far seamlessly, effects flowing from within our soul to different souls to the Universe after which comes once more to us in a non-stop circle or cycle of Absoulute Love.

For the souls whom stay in the notion of an axiom that Absoulute Love changed into unfastened from ever being shown to them of their lives right here in this earth measurement, those souls pick out The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole” of selecting the illusion of “withholding” their Absoulute Love. I ought to know this phenomenon quite well, as I once selected to BE this soul. The illusionary cause that I selected to live inside the phantasm of “withholding” gifting Absoulute Love changed into because I felt that I become unworthy of receiving it, and if I become unworthy of receiving it, then why must anybody else acquire it, particularly from me. This was what I believed within The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole” when I chose to stay inside the phantasm that I turned into separate, disconnected from every soul, from the whole thing.

As Spirit writes of in the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Choice, there has been a second in my Life Experience right here wherein I ‘decided’ or cut off all possibility of Absoulute Love in my LIFE. As a part of the sport of LIFE, I ‘determined’ whilst resonating inside The Ego Self of the Soul “Rabbit Hole”, that I changed into ‘now not accurate sufficient or worthy sufficient’ to obtain Absoulute Love. For me, this occurred when I changed into six earth dimensional years antique. When I changed into six earth dimensional years vintage, I became a first-rate speller of the earth dimension’s English language and had gained the spelling bee at school. I came domestic with a certificate pronouncing I won and my mom turned into very happy with me and happy and he or she stated “You ought to display this in your father while he receives domestic”.

Now as an adult, spiritually talking, I apprehend on this moment that my father is the type of man or woman that once he comes domestic, his form of meditation to wind down from what he considers to be a ‘lengthy day at work’ is to take a seat down in front of the T.V. In his favored chair, study the mail, and simply veg out, as his form of meditation. But as a six yr old, whom have been on this earth dimension for which include brief amount of what we call as earth dimension time, I was free from knowing and information this know-how, as coming from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we are and emanate from, we’re free from this concept as all is inclusively One feel of internal expertise and this is who I turned into deciding on to BE as a six yr vintage having been free from coming across and embracing absolutely the earth dimensional duality Ego Self of the Soul. So when I got here walking into the room simply after dad had come home that earth dimensional night and became in his chair searching at the mail with his meditative focus on that, and me waving my certificate round, he became loose from even ever acknowledging me. It become then and there in that second that I realized the earth dimensional duality Ego Self of the Soul perceiving itself as separate, that stated I was ‘no longer correct enough’ ~ no longer right sufficient to get hold of his Absoulute Love, and therefore, I should now not be worth of receiving any Absoulute Love. From that second on I set out in my existence to “show” that I become ‘now not suitable enough’.

Therefore, while activities might occur to bring about a Soul Remembering, consisting of the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love via occasions including kids choosing on me at faculty or this soul would not play with me or be my buddy, rather than choose to bear in mind, embody, and treasure the Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience, I could revel in the thoughtenergy to myself of (and some moments in an Ego Fit Rabbit Hole tantrum out loud) “SEE! Look at what THEY did, SEE I am not suitable enough, see they’ll now not be my pal or they select on me and many others… ” Later in life it became with my former husband who become then my boyfriend, when we were bodily separated after I became pregnant with our son and he become in the illusion of believing that he become unfastened from being equipped to be a father, once more rather than keep in mind, embody, and treasure, this Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love, it changed into “See I am no longer excellent sufficient, he left me”.

Thus, from the moment of being that six 12 months old, I commenced to show over and over again inside The Ego Self of The Soul perceiving myself as separate from in Absoulute Love and from All That Is, that I turned into ‘now not properly enough’. For many earth dimensional years I have become pretty professional at วิธีเล่นบาคาร่าออนไลน์ gambling the function of the illusionary victim and searching out different souls to bring with me into The Ego Self of the Soul Rabbit Hole that I turned into deciding on to create. In fact, I have become so top at it that I had a friendship with a soul at one moment in my LIFE in which, our sole or Soul Purpose for being friends, our Soul Purpose for being brought collectively changed into for us to spend money and to sit whilst our kids played collectively and feature Ego Self of the Soul Rabbit Hole suits approximately our belief of the way horrible our then husbands have been and how terrible existence is and so forth! In essence, for lots earth dimension years I was residing my existence as a six year old!

It become once I went via a weekend religious seminar that started out the 5 year earth size period of what we name right here because the initiation of Ascended Mastery or Spiritual Oneness, wherein I could pick out to take into account continuously many Soul Rememberings Through Life Experience that would present to me the rememberings of the soul for who I am BEing on this moment.

The Illusion That We Are Separate From Absoulute Love

Spirit stocks with us that we by some means worry and accept as true with that we are “unworthy enough” to acquire Absoulute Love and it’s miles this axiom inside the soul that we seem to pick out to call our own, as we maintain onto this axiom as though it’s miles ours that we’re unconscious to that maintains us from knowing, experiencing, gifting, and receiving Absoulute Love which is why events arise in our LIFE, to awaken and re~awaken us to don’t forget the Soul Rememberings that we’ve got selected to neglect as part of gambling this sport of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience).

It is in the believing on this axiom of “I am unworthy of Absoulute Love” Spirit imparts, that has us create a perceptional phantasm of proving over and over again that we are unworthy. So simply as who I once changed into selecting unconsciously to BE, we are trying to find out relationships and events to show that illusion of The Ego Self of the Soul that says that we are certainly cut loose each soul, separate from All That Is, and unworthy of Absoulute Love. It is that we someway agree with that we are something other than always, in All Ways connected that causes us to revel in the illusionary perceived e~motional disconnection, which is what then reasons the illusional e~motional discontent or dis~ease, a being loose from BEing at ease within, to occur.

The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing stocks with us that the motive that we enjoy the e~motion at moments like we’re encased in a shell in our LIFE is due to the fact we feel that someway we’re disconnected from other souls and disconnected from All That Is, from the Universal Source that we got here from and emanate from, which creates an illusion that we have a disconnection within us, with our soul. It is simply that mere illusion that we are by some means aside from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is that we’re and emanate from and that we’re disconnected and unloved, that maintains us experiencing the e~motion that we’re some thing apart from linked. And it is our desire to stay within the illusion of disconnection that continues us from being connected, from being All That Is or to step into and BE what we already and usually, In All Ways, are ~ Spiritual Oneness and Absoulute Love.

BEing Absoulute Love

How do we shift this? How do we come to a resonance of Absoulute Love? As Spirit invited us in advance, they proportion that it is through 6ratitude that we’re Absoulute Love. However, in being in 6ratitude inside an illusionary ‘searching out’ Absoulute Love on this manner, Spirit says we tend to look outward for Absoulute Love rather than inward. Thus in this moving right into a resonance of Absoulute Love, the shift comes from within. It is seeing ourselves as worth, precious, Absoulutely Loveable (Loveable that means able to be Absoulute Love) inside our soul. We are worth of relationships that clearly honor the light of who we are. We deserve all of the surprise and the awe of All That Is inside the Universal for this Life Experience.

Why can we deserve this? Why does Absoulute Love exist? Because that is the very essence of who we and emanate from. Because we emanate from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is which resides inside Absoulute Love and we are The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is which resides inside Absoulute Love, therefore we’re free from BEing anything apart from Absoulute Love. This Absoulute Love for our soul is unfastened from resonating inside a resonance of The Ego Self of the Soul perceiving itself as separate and in Axiom with that Absoulute Love of our soul is come what may selfish or conceited. It comes from an inner expertise in knowing that we are all Divine BEings coming from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is which is living within Absoulute Love and is of, for, with, in and BEing Divine Absoulute Love.

How can we BE this? The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing brings forth the expertise that it’s miles within the enlightenment that shows us that because we emanate from The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is which resides within Absoulute Love and we are The Pure Consciousness of the Cosmic Infinite Circle of the Universal Source of All That Is which resides inside Absoulute Love, then how can we be something other than already and continually, In All Ways, connected to Spirit and receiving their steerage really, and how are we able to be something aside from Absoulute Love? Spirit invites us to BE that of who we’re, BE Absoulute Love ~ BE ever currently seeing the splendor and the Absoulute Love inside us and permit it shine from within us just like a beacon of light from a lighthouse.

Appreciate how wonderfully beautiful you are, as you’re an expression of the Divine mild. Breathe this in, take a deep breath in and sense this message fill your soul, your spirit. Feel the lovely mild of who you’re because it flows from just about a foot above the diadem or crown of the top, all of the manner thru the physical body to the feet, after which all of the manner on your coronary heart middle which is wherein the soul resides after which encircling your air of mystery. Truly realize with a deep sense of inner understanding, inner information and in reality sense with the sensation that comes from the very depth of your soul, getting into touch with every part of your soul remembering that of what your soul already does understand and is inside endless all inclusive know-how of but has selected to neglect in coming here to play this game referred to as LIFE ~ that free from any shred of doubt, unfastened from any hesitation, which you are a radiant Beacon of Infinite Light and Absoulute Love, an expression of Divine Absoulute Love, Infinite Light, and Beauty, and that you are All That Is.

Spirit invitations us to nurture the religious toddler within us, the religious toddler of our soul. They say that within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love that the reason that we may additionally enjoy the illusion of having trouble embracing our very own internal spiritual infant with Absoulute Love is that we in The Ego Self of the Soul create the phantasm of fear, that we someway worry the bliss that comes from BEing Absoulute Love. That we fear that we can BE, gift, and acquire Absoulute Love and that if we’re to take that one step, simply that one step into Spiritual Oneness, stepping into and gifting that Absoulute Love to our internal toddler of our soul, that our light will come beaming through, and that it’s far the Infinitely Spiritual Soul BEing of Light that we’re that we’re illusionally afraid of.

Within The Ego Self of the Soul perceiving ourselves as separate our inner most worry is unfastened from being that we are insufficient. Our private worry is that we’re ambrosial past measure. It is our light, instead of The Ego Self of the Soul that we perceive that frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be excellent, All clever and all understanding, gifted, and amazing?” Actually, why are we free from BEing so? We are an internal infant of the Spiritual Oneness of All That Is. We will be free from serving and gifting the Universe, all within the Universe, and all inside this earth measurement via gambling the sport of BEing small.

Enlightened we are free from dwelling in the phantasm of shrinking our spirit, shrinking our soul, so that different souls may be loose from experiencing the e~movement of BEing insecure round us.We are all meant to polish, just as children do. We are born to co~create the awe~inspiring beauty of Absoulute Love, of All That Is that is inside us, truly because that is who we’re. This is why we chose to incarnate right here ~ to enjoy, to present, to receive, to remember that of the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Absoulute Love. Spirit or Divine Consciousness dwells within our soul. It is the essence of LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) and we usually, in All Ways, have an unbroken lifeline to the Universal Source of which we emanate from, irrespective of how small or dim that connection we might also understand it within The Ego Self of the Soul as separate to illusionarily be.

Would we ask a flower to be something aside from a flower? A flower is a flower because that is what’s, a flower. We are free from being able to ask it or make or not it’s a tree or a mountain. And if we recognize this, then we can understand that who we are is an Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing of Infinite Absoulute Love in Spiritual Oneness with all, of all, in all and for all. And who are we to ask or faux to be some thing that we’re unfastened from being? This is that of the hypnocrite that Spirit write of within the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Choice, that of trying to be something we’re loose from being. Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing of Infinite Absoulute Love in Spiritual Oneness with all, of all, in all and for all is loose from being simply within some of us; it is within every soul. And as we permit our very own mild shine, we consciously gift different souls the present of choosing to BE the identical. As we’re liberated from our very own illusionary fears mixing The Ego Self of the Soul into the Whole of our Soul, into Spiritual Oneness, our presence automatically liberates different souls with whom we contact, move, and encourage by way of and with our inner light.

It is whilst we pick out the choice to realize inside our internal knowledge that we are worthy of receiving Absoulute Love that then the channel is opened and we see, feel, and BE Absoulute Love inside the infinite paperwork as it famous itself to us, as the phantasm that we’re disconnected and unable to acquire has then fallen away, leaving us with the relationship to Spirit to All That Is, to the natural pleasure and bliss of Absoulute Love.

Spirit invitations us then to pick that we are desirable enough and we’re worthy to get hold of their steering and to receive Absoulute Love surely due to the fact we’ve taken a view of all other possibilities and pick then that we are worthy of spirits steerage and Absoulute Love, because we’re All That Is, due to the fact we come from All That Is. And if we come from All That Is, then how are we able to be whatever much less than worthy of receiving Absoulute Love from Spirit and from all of the plethora of bureaucracy it is available in. We are worth of Absoulute Love due to the fact we’re Absoulute Love.
Absoulute Love is inviting you to experience all that this Absoulute Love has in shop for you. Do you be given love’s invitation? We wish you do.

Gifting, Receiving, and BEing Absoulute Love calls us to open our heart and LIFE to all of the presents looking ahead to us that this Absoulute Love has to present. It items us with the treasure of Infinite Soulful Bliss and Spiritual Oneness. Thank you for receiving the Absoulute Love of the Universe so generously on this second. Welcome to the coronary heart of the soul of Absoulute Love. Life is an experience, unfastened from being approximately arriving at a destination. So too, is Absoulute Love a adventure, unfastened from being approximately arriving at vacation spot, as we already are Absoulute Love.

The Shift So Deep

I can recollect one of the greater latest axiomal shifts that happened for me about four earth size years ago now. There is a person via the call of Steve Rother, and he channels Spirit in what he calls The Group. I changed into taking note of considered one of his channels and on got here this track. A woman commenced making a song this song and I felt as although every phrase that this girl become making a song become meant for me. The words to her song touched me so deeply that I started out to sob. It turned into the confirmation for me that the inner infant in me changed into recovery and that I certainly became unfastened from being alone and that I am cherished and I am Absoulute Love. It become the initiation that I could later come to recognise via Spirit into what we call right here on this earth measurement as Ascended Mastery.

The cash that I would show up to purchase the CD become unfastened from being available to me at that second as I had been loose from choosing to appear it. However, I changed into proficient with the messages from Spirit that I could recognize when I might be supposed to have this CD and to manifest the funds to convey it forth into my LIFE. So I carried the reproduction of this tune’s sample on my computer with me for the final several earth dimensional years now and have mentioned it frequently as a reminder of its beautiful words and of the messages that I received within it and from it. Then it commenced gambling in my soul time and again until I heard it within and became unfastened from desiring the CD. It was amazing then and yet another confirmation from Spirit when my former husband had stated this very factor approximately a favorite song CD of his. I had borrowed this CD to location it on my pc so I should listen to it too (as I like the CD as well) and so that he should preserve the CD in his vehicle with him at the same time as I would nevertheless have it on my pc to pay attention to. I have been busy and had forgotten to location it on my computer, accordingly the CD sat inside the room for several days. When I stated to him that I had forgotten to do that but and did he simply wish to have the CD again in any case that I should do it at a later moment, to which he said, “It is OK, every time you get it again to me is best, as I listen the tune within me, within my soul continually so if the CD is someplace else, I nonetheless have it inside”.

It was just lately whilst the healing of the internal infant through Spiritual Imagination and Inspiration that Spirit writes of inside the Soul Remembering Through Life Experience in Inspiration, which have become the topic of our ongoing spiritual circle that we have weekly in our spiritual middle that I remembered Spirits steering that I could recognise after I become supposed to purchase the CD of this track that I so fell in Absoulute Love with some earth dimensional years before that had shifted me and the axioms of who I believed I was, that it was indeed the moment to reap this and share it with the circle. Hence, I did buy the CD then and the money turned into instantly there for me to and we utilized them in our religious circle. The recuperation, the beauty, and the shift in axiomal alignment that transpired that evening from just playing this one music become the most high-quality transformation I have ever experience aside from my very own. This female’s non secular present of making a song of those phrases transcends some thing here on this earth measurement, and I thank her from the lowest of my soul for the exquisite present she stocks with absolutely everyone souls in assisting us to R.E.S.T. (Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure) inside the mild of who we are. She genuinely conjures up me. Her name is Shaina Noll, and the tune that she sings that I am referring to is her rendition of the track entitled “How Can Anyone?”

This tune is together with simple tune, so few in its words, however its which means is so inspirational that it touches, it actions, and it conjures up all who concentrate to it. It brings a restoration of the inner child and also a resonance of AbSOULute soulful Oneness Love from the very center of the soul inside you. I invite you to visit Shaina’s website to pay attention the words to this beautiful song. Any soul who would really like to pay attention to the music pattern of this music “How Can Anyone?” or any of her other beautiful tune, can listen with the aid of traveling her website:
and scroll down about half manner down the web page to the Songs for the Inner Child CD tune samples at the left facet and click at the “How Could Anyone?” identify. Shaina’s CD Songs for the Inner Child, that “How Can Anyone?” is on, in addition to her different CD’s can be located for purchase as properly on this webpage or through journeying her homepage

Spirit says that what maintains the creative energies of axiomal alignment for increased awareness, elevated consciousness, and non secular oneness alive, is an appreciative openness to acquire observed via some soulful reaction to this receiving. As long as there is a persisted openness to receiving all the presents that the Universe has to offer us, the items preserve flowing, or we could say that the items keep gifting. They say that some moments it takes a effective event such as the one I just shared right here with you, or what we perceive on this earth dimension to be the illusion of something “horrific” inclusive of a lack of a domestic, or a soul whom transitions again domestic to the Spiritual Universe for us to get to that factor wherein we are touched, moved, and inspired into the shifting of our axioms. Spirit refers to this as a religious 2 x 4. Spirit shares that these events while seen through the eyes of the soul, thru the eyes of Spiritual Oneness, are simply simply gifts which can be proficient to us to keep in mind the light of whom we are.

The Infinitely Spiritual Light BEing additionally refers back to the Prayer of St. Francis wherein it’s far said that it’s miles within gifting that we acquire. Therefore, Spirit asks us what thoughtenergy, what axioms are we gifting to our soul and to the experience of this LIFE that we’re selecting? In what areas of our LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience) are we deciding on in each second to shift into axiomal alignment with our soul? What step will we take to open the door to Infinite Possibilities? The Infinite Circle begins with us. It is our desire. Do you pick out AbSOULUte soulful Love always, in all approaches?

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