BCS Championship Game Decides NCAA Football Best Conference Title

The bowl season has introduced the same old conference head-to-head competitions in NCAA soccer, and the result for the “Best Conference” identify comes all the way down to the BCS Championship sport.

There have been 33 bowl games between December twentieth and January 6th concerning eleven exceptional conferences. The ACC was invited to the most bowl games (10), accompanied intently via the SEC (8), the Big 12 (7) and Big Ten conferences (7). The first-class gained-loss file for bowl games turned into the PAC-10 which gained all five of its bowl games, accompanied by means of the SEC at five-2, and the Big 12 at four-2. The SEC and Big 12 square off within the BCS National Championship game on Thursday. The choice on which is the satisfactory convention in the country in NCAA Division 1A comes right down to the BCS Championship game, and right here’s why…

Though the ACC had the most bowl invitations, they completed the bowl season with a less than .500 performance triumphing just 4 of these 10 video games. Additionally, they were zero-4 against the SEC, Big 12, and Pac-10. The Pac-10 obtained five bowl invites and received all five video games. Those wins got here towards teams from the Big 12, the Big East, the ACC, the Mountain West, and the Big Ten meetings. That’s a incredible report towards sturdy conferences from throughout the state. It might have been greater if the Pac-10 could have had one greater look against an SEC faculty. But, given the reality that half of the conference schools went to a bowl is a huge feather within the Pac-10 cap. (When is the Pac-10 going to pick up extra schools and start division play?)

The Big East, Conference USA, the WAC, and the Mid-American meetings all had 6 bowl bids with the first-class report among them being shared through the Big East Conference and Conference USA, every ending up 4-2 in bowl video UFA games. Of those 12 games, simplest two were against the meetings at the pinnacle of the bowl recreation win-loss heap (Pac-10, SEC, and Big 12). Neither the WAC nor the MAC performed any colleges from the Pac-10, SEC, or Big 12. The WAC turned into 2-4 in bowl games, and the MAC went zero-6 towards conferences that did now not end inside the pinnacle 5 in phrases of bowl victories.

Lest I fail to mention the Big Ten, they finished 1-6 in their bowl games. But in their defense, they did play 6 of their 7 bowl video games against the SEC, Big 12, and PAC-10. And their one victory came in opposition to an SEC school.

To end out the convention listing, the Sun Belt Conference finished 1-1 in bowl games. The Mountain West finished three-2 in bowl video games, which included a 1-1 record in opposition to the “Big 3” at the top of the bowl recreation received-loss pile. The Utes victory over the Crimson Tide become incredible!

Why does the “Best Conference” identify come all the way down to the BCS Championship recreation? Remember that we are searching out:

* Conference having the nice average energy

* Combined with nice file against different meetings

Even even though the Pac-10 sports activities a 100% victory margin in bowl competition, only 50% of the conference teams were even bowl-eligible. The Pac-10 needs to comply with the lead of the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 meetings by means of adding more colleges and wreck into department play. The motive? When you examine the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 conferences, all three had greater than 50% of their groups bowl-eligible!

That leaves us with the SEC and the Big 12 as the 2 meetings with the first-rate overall electricity within the convention, mixed with the first-rate report of overall performance against the alternative meetings. The SEC had seventy five% in their teams bowl-eligible vs the Big 12 with fifty eight%. That sounds like a large disparity, however the numbers are SEC-8 groups vs Big 12-7 teams. Pretty near. In head-to-head opposition SEC vs Big 12, it’s miles SEC 1-zero towards the Big 12 at some point of the bowl season. So, need to Oklahoma beat Florida on Thursday, I might take into account the Big 12 the higher convention. Their bowl records could be 1-1 in head-to-head, but the Big 12 Champion might have crushed the SEC champion. Should Florida defeat Oklahoma, the SEC would definitely be the first-rate convention considering the fact that they might very own the best percentage of teams going to bowls of all the conferences (electricity in the conference), and they would have a 2-zero bowl report against the second one great conference (with the aid of conference power), the Big 12.

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