Cisco CCNA Certification Exam FAQ- Discussing 640-801 And 640-802

The prestigious Cisco CCNA certification is going to grow to be even greater prestigious later this yr – and from all accounts, even greater hard! The contemporary 640-801 exam could be phased out on November 6, giving candidates masses of time to prepare for that exam. The new 640-802 examination is actually being introduced August 1, giving CCNA candidates an option as to which exam to take.

Naturally, CCNA candidates have a lot of questions concerning those changes. I’ve prepared this FAQ to answer the maximum common questions arriving in my e-mail inbox. If your question isn’t always replied right here, ship it to me and your query simply might be in the subsequent FAQ!

Q: Should I forestall studying for the 640-801 examination?

A: Absolutely not. Actually, this need to help you accelerate your efforts! Cisco has been kind sufficient to keep the contemporary exam round via November 6, so you have more than sufficient time to pass the cutting-edge model. Also, while I’m certain there could be a few 640-802 examine gear to be had soon, you won’t have a big choice until later this yr. Never put off your career progress or your studies – hit those books and skip the 640-801!

On a personal word, I’ve taken Cisco certification tests for almost a decade as well as taking exams from different carriers for approximately 14 years, and I’ve by no means been big on taking a emblem-new exam. Some humans want to achieve this, although- it’s all a remember of personal preference.

Q. What’s this I hear approximately every other Cisco certification being presented?

A. Cisco now not views the CCNA as an access-level examination, and I suppose it’s a terrific change. I actually have in my view taught and written CCNA substances for numerous years, and I even have never considered the CCNA to be access-degree. When you are troubleshooting OSPF virtual links, you are not working at entry degree!

Cisco does recognize the need for an entry-stage certification, and that’s why they have evolved the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) certification. I’ll have extra info on that in a destiny article, but earning the CCENT isn’t required to grow to be a CCNA.


Q. Is there nevertheless going to be a one-exam direction and a -examination route to the CCNA?

A. Yes, and once more, I anticipate it to be greater hard to earn both way. If you choose the 2-exam direction, you are surely going to take ICND tests – ICND 1 (640-822) and ICND 2 (640-816). The INTRO examination for the cutting-edge CCNA route may be phased out on November 6, at the side of the modern ICND and CCNA exams. If you pick out the 2-exam path, passing the ICND 1 exam will make you a CCENT.

Q. Which subjects may be dropped while the 640-801 examination is dropped?

A. Following the trend of different Cisco tests, the 640-802 tests will now not test on ISDN. That’s the only foremost topic I see to date with a view to be dropped.

Q. Which subjects may be introduced?

A. A *lot* of them. According to Cisco’s CCNA examination blueprint, you can anticipate to look questions on Voice over IP, wi-fi, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), SSH, and wi-fi protection. This is an knowledgeable wager, however I’d count on to see even more on router and transfer security as properly.

Judging from that listing, I assume the 640-802 CCNA exam to be even extra tough than the modern-day model. Like I said, you’ve got masses of time to skip the current model! 😉

Don’t see your question answered right here? Send your CCNA query to chris@thebryantadvantage.Com, and you just may also see it responded within the subsequent CCNA certification FAQ!

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