Hosting a Contest to Attract Facebook Friends

When it involves marketing and on-line advertising, there may be not anything like having a Facebook page with a wholesome fan following. Lots of Facebook fanatics will make your organization look relied on, which is a splendid manner to attract in greater capability clients. And who doesn’t like to do enterprise with a depended on company?

The trick is, how do you start attracting fanatics while you’re a newcomer for your particular niche? Being friended by way of your mother, sister, and exceptional excessive school pal can be a pleasant way to live in touch, but it won’t do loads to construct market credibility (sorry, mom).

Facebook advertising and marketing has developed right into a form of sub style of natural, Web2.0 online marketing; it has its own set of regulations and techniques. One of the simplest methods to draw Facebook fanatics is to host a contest.

Some quite massive players inside the patron zone have used the contest method to attract extra pals. And why would not they? Most people will throw their names inside the hat if the if there is loose stuff at stake and the risks are minimal or non-existent.

Here are 8 guidelines to be able to assist get you commenced:

1. Determine which kind of contest you want to run

There are four styles of contests you could run for your Facebook web page: Sweepstakes, essay, photograph, and video. Keep in thoughts that video, photograph, and essay contests require more paintings on the part of your contestants. If your aim is to promote user interactivity, those kinds of contests can be the manner to go. If you simply want to acquire primary records at the same time as making it easy in your new-found buddies, you possibly need to use the sweepstakes contest.

2. Get to know the regulations

As tempting as it can appear, you can not use the Facebook “Like” button as a way to your readers to go into your contest. Since the entire purpose of promoting a contest is to collect Facebook pals, the usage of the “Like” button may appear to be a positive-hearth way to perform your goal. Facebook says this is a prime no-no!

Another stipulation is that you should notify your winners earlier than you submit their names (on Facebook or anywhere else). You can do this through email, snail mail, or non-public FB message.

And the granddaddy of all Facebook contest regulations: you should actually country that Facebook isn’t sponsoring your contest in any way. Facebook will offer you with the communication medium, but they do not need to take at the legal responsibility of your promoting. Can’t blame them, absolutely.

Go to Facebook.Com for an entire listing of sweepstakes recommendations.

Three. There’s an app for that…

Facebook calls for users to run their contests through 0.33-birthday party apps. There are lots of those apps inside the market, a few reasonably-priced or free, others… Now not so much. If you are looking for a unfastened app, remember that you’ll want an app that is customizable, embeddable, and that has cell capabilities. Beware, free apps may not offer all (or any) of these features. The attempted-and-actual rule of consumerism certainly applies to Facebook contest applications: you get what you pay for.

To get you commenced, right here are of the great apps that completely support your Facebook contest efforts:



four. What’s in it in your readers?

Don’t go cheap. Don’t deliver away junk. This bit of advice might not even seem worth citing, however many a contest marketing campaign has flopped because the promoter didn’t want to part with stock and/or revenue. If your business designs Websites, do one at no cost. If you promote cameras, shell out the wholesale fee for a Nikon D40 and supply it away. If your goal is to benefit more traffic via Facebook buddies, consider your prize as part of your advertising and marketing price range. Also, if you do not pique your reader’s interest with a decent giveaway, you might not entice any pals besides. Your marketing campaign might be a complete waste of time and strength.

Five. K.I.S.S.

What’s the excellent way to run a successful contest marketing campaign? Keep it easy, sweetheart. Many of the Facebook contest apps you will locate are notably customizable, because of this you could layout an access form to account for many specific details. Don’t do it! The quickest manner to make a competition fall flat on its face is to make it too tough in your readers to play. Contests are purported to be amusing, not paintings.

If you’re asking for greater than the reader’s name, electronic mail cope with, cellphone variety (optional), and in the case of a video, image, or essay content material, their entry document, then you’re asking for an excessive amount of. Also, make the contest app smooth to locate to your web page. The 2nd fastest way to make your contest flop is to promote it it after which turn finding the submission form into an Easter egg hunt.

6. Get the phrase out

If you have got a Twitter account, Tweet approximately your Facebook rateios contest. If you’ve got an electronic mail e-newsletter, point out your Facebook contest in formidable letters. If you have got a Web web page, upload a blurb about your Facebook contest on the home page.

Consider advertising and marketing your contest an exercising in riding visitors from a couple of sources. You want to pressure visitors to your Facebook web page, so that it will in turn drive traffic for your blog or Web site. EMarketing is a cycle of site visitors, and you want to make sure you’re coaxing it, tweaking it, and continually retaining an eye fixed on where it is coming from and the way rapid it’s coming in.

7. Facebook advertisements

Once you start getting the grasp of contest marketing thru Facebook–this is, once you start seeing a few fantastic outcomes–you could need to consider creating a small investment in Facebook marketing.

Facebook advertisements make it smooth to goal customers who proportion your hobbies and demographics. It’s also a terrific manner to attain past the individuals who already like your web page by putting them where your ideal demographic hangs out.

8. Follow up

Your paintings is not finished once you’ve announced a winner. Building a database of capacity customers become the objective of this mission inside the first vicinity, so ensure you follow up with them. Keep all of the statistics they ship you in a spreadsheet and send them a friendly e-mail thanking them for his or her interest in your campaign. In your thank you e mail, ask them if they would be interested by receiving information about your merchandise, services, or destiny contests. Ask them, do no longer unsolicited mail them! Keeping your message pleasant, conversational, and sincere is probably to feature at least some greater subscribers in your e-newsletter database.

Facebook contests had been established an powerful manner to attract leads and augment your client base. Plenty of important groups use this technique with high-quality success, and you’ve got get entry to to the same approach and equipment (albeit on a smaller scale). If you’re making your contest fun, smooth, and personable, you are probable to make some buddies who will prevent with the aid of your web site sometimes to look what you’re as much as. And isn’t this what making pals is all about? At least the Facebook type.

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