How to Find a Legitimate Book Contest

When a e book wins the Pulitzer Prize or National Book Award, or a kid’s e-book wins the Newberry Medal, readers take note. The ebook and the writer then get hold of a first rate deal of media attention. Few different e-book contests are household words, but in case you allow people know your e book has gained a contest, it would nonetheless convince them to shop for your e book. And having an award sticker on your ebook cover or a announcement to your website that your e-book has gained an award can best assist you to get media attention and boost your e book’s sales.

But authors watch out. Everyone is trying to make a dollar these days, and lamentably, that has ended in a few unscrupulous human beings preying upon authors who are desperate to get their books noticed; these people have created phony e book contests whose simplest real reason is to put greenbacks inside the contest organizer’s pocket. Remember, even in case you win a contest, it does you little desirable if it doesn’t assist growth sales and media attention to your e book, so be cautious what contests you enter. Following are some recommendations for determining whether a e-book contest is really worth entering, just a waste of your cash, or perhaps even a scam.

Who is accomplishing the contest?

Make positive the competition is being run via a reputable character, business enterprise, or agency. The contest should be listed on a good internet site that has a complete disclosure web site listing all the contest regulations, hints, and other data. Simply an ad in a mag or on Craigslist does not make a contest valid except it refers people to a complete disclosure webpage.

What is the competition’s records?

Contests have to begin someplace so if it is the contest’s first 12 months, that does not imply it’s not valid, however if the contest has a track document of a few years, it’s more likely to be well worth entering. Besides a competition history, you have to be capable of discover a list of beyond contest winners, that is extraordinary no longer best for figuring out whether or not your e book has anything in common with the beyond winners so that you decide what danger you’ve got of triumphing, however it helps you to decide the satisfactory of the books that have received in the past to see whether it really is a contest with vital judges, or simply one of these contests wherein everyone wins-sure, those are available.

What is the price?

Some people will tell you to keep away from contests with fees, however a competition with a reasonable charge is normally as, or greater, legitimate. After all, human beings don’t run contests for their fitness. It takes a number of effort and time to arrange a contest and to study all those books. Fees usually pay for marketing the competition, for the prizes, and occasionally for small gratuities given to thank the judges for their time. Just make certain that as the competition entrant, you get the maximum essential thing to your fee-a person who definitely reads your ebook. And additionally that the contest winner truly wins some thing (see “What is the prize?” underneath).

Beware of additional fees once you win the contest, which include receiving a discount on ebook training services. You can also end up having to pay for additonal award stickers-no contest goes to give you unlimited stickers-however past that, there ought to be no more charges.

Along with charges, additionally be aware how many copies of your ebook are needed. A legitimate contest will generally want a couple of e book because there are multiple judges who will need to study the ebook. See additionally if a statement is made about what takes place to the books-do the judges hold them or donate them to a library? Either is high-quality. You just do not want to enter a competition where the aim is to collect books a good way to not be read however offered to earn extra cash.

What is the closing date?

It doesn’t rely what time of 12 months the cut-off date to go into is, however it need to be sufficiently far sufficient faraway from the date while the winners are announced. If a competition deadline is January 15th and winners are introduced on January 30th, it is likely that now not quite a few books were genuinely examine in a two-week period. At least a month have to pass between the cut-off date and the announcements so the judges have time truly to study the books.

Who is doing the judging?

Not each person is qualified to judge a book contest. You do not want to go into a competition where the judges are made up totally of the organizer’s circle of relatives and pals. You want to win a contest where famous or at least qualified people-writers, publishers, publicists-are doing the judging. The contest must divulge who its judges are. Not “Judges may additionally include” however without a doubt list the names of the judges, or telling you what group of humans collect the judges. A list of famous beyond judges doesn’t help both if the ones humans are not judging the 12 months you input, although the sort of listing may display that the competition is official.

What is the judging process?

Believe it or now not, there are contests out there in which no one reads the e-book and each person receives an award. Those contests are worthless. They may idiot you or even some of your readers, but do you actually need to win a competition like that wherein there’s no real winner?

Also avoid the “crowd sourcing” varieties of contests. These contests ask authors to rally every person they know to come and vote for their e book and the e book with the most votes wins. A e-book contest isn’t a democratic technique, and people votes be counted for nothing. You ought to get all 2,000 of your Facebook friends to vote for you, but I wager maximum of them by no means study your ebook so who are they to say whether your e-book merits to win over a book through someone with only fifty Facebook friends?

You can inform whether or not a contest has a reliable judging manner without a doubt with the aid of looking up a number of the books that have received. Don’t be surprised if you discover some “award-triumphing books” have predominant modifying or print nice issues. Stay away from rateio contests.

A legitimate ebook contest may have judges and a judging manner in region. There should be at the least two rounds of judging. In the primary round, all of the books are examine and scored or evaluated. Then in a second spherical, a listing of finalists is known as (which may also be introduced) earlier than the very last winners are determined.

What is the prize?

Believe it or now not, winning some ebook contests may be expensive. Look cautiously at what the prize can be. Here are some prizes you don’t want: attending an awards dinner you need to pay for, along with travel charges; stickers, trophies, or certificate you need to pay for (you have to acquire a set quantity of stickers, and handiest need to pay for stickers over that wide variety); an digital certificate you have to print yourself; more services, along with a press release, that you need to purchase in case you win.

Be specifically cautious of contests that award you “representation.” If the award is that a e book might be posted by a publisher, or serialized in a mag, or represented via a literary agency, that sounds outstanding, however examine the nice print. Will the agent truely constitute you or simply study your ebook? Will the publisher pay for the printing or assume you to pay partial or full production fees? In brief, there need to never be a price associated with the prize.

A prize of some type should be provided. It doesn’t ought to be something principal like a gold trophy-what appropriate is a gold trophy besides if it sits on your workplace in which no one can see it? A higher prize is one that enables you sell your e-book, together with a professionally written press launch, a book assessment this is promoted to the media, a fixed variety of award stickers to place on your books, or a unique (and free) media bundle of some kind.

The Pay-Off

Book contests continue to be a notable way to get people to take note of your ebook-both the media and your goal readers. But make sure you input contests in which you sense you have got an amazing risk of triumphing and where coming into and winning does now not hurt your advertising budget, however as a substitute is in all likelihood to repay in publicity and book income.

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