Indian Sports Strategy – Hidden Agenda

Like the Sri Lanka’s Stratagem in opposition to Ricky Ponting’s team within the World Cup Super 8, India Team Selection is also following a hidden schedule.

First remember these data:

Is it no longer a fact that America is way ahead in phrases of sports. Is it not a fact that Americans are enthusiasts approximately their groups (as so are the European countries) Is it now not a reality that India took over a massive percentage of America’s commercial enterprise and India worked time beyond regulation so that American’s could revel in their game of baseball, basketball or maybe soccer.
So, sometime, in 1980-90s a method turned into shaped. A leader of police pressure was selected for the assignment. The project changed into easy.
Indian’s were an excessive amount of emotionally attached to their hockey. This leader of police became commendable within the manner in which he stamped out terrorism from Punjab. His subsequent mission changed into even harder. And nobody was to recognize the reason of the task (as a minimum till the mission changed into successful). Today, he’s a success in his venture. And the mission was – to stamp out Hockey from the minds of Indian human beings. It takes normally two decades after the remaining triumph to wash out a UFA game from the mind of people. And in case you see now, no one receives emotional discussing hockey. And full marks to the chief of Police who did not brag to media approximately his success. Since his mission was to unfastened the minds of human beings so that you can get again to work and make India attention on work.

But there was an difficulty. A haryanvi lad across the same time, in spite of the first-rate of presidency efforts to make slipshod teams (nicely they referred to as ghavri, binny and mohinder pacers), gained the World Cup. Well, Team India (the one which drives India to work) did no longer lose hope. They set up a battery of humans (the matrix) to ruin this new sport. And years down the line, they have got carried out the same success. Today, cricket has grow to be empty blabber (like garibi hatao or maybe the populace hassle) and is anticipated to die pretty quickly. Still the matrix is taking no chances. It has this recreation underneath it’s crushing preserve, but it’s eye is watch for any other deviant sport which tries to upward thrust it’s head.

Team India is on a roll!

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